Our Process

A new construction project can seem daunting. With Youngblood Builders, you can relax. We are committed to making you comfortable and confident every step of the way, from blueprints to the project’s completion.

There’s a lot to learn as you take your first steps. Here’s a quick look at what to expect when you meet with us to discuss or plan your project.

If you have not yet consulted with a design professional, we can:

  • Assess the scope and needs of your project
  • Refer you to someone in our network of architects, designers and associated design professionals

If you have already met with an architect, we can:

  • Provide detailed cost estimates and construction schedules based on architectural plans and specifications
  • Work with your architect and engineer to create sensible solutions to the most complex design challenges
  • Identify cost-effective ways to realize your design
  • Shepherd your project through local planning and permitting processes
  • Provide strategies for fast-tracking your project when necessary

You want your project to move quickly and smoothly—and we want you to know exactly how your budget is being managed. We make sure you have the information you need to ask intelligent questions and make informed decisions.

Youngblood Builders supports you with:

  • Aggressive on-site management to keep the construction schedule moving forward
  • An ongoing bid book, a physical collection of all subcontractor bid pricing. The bid book is kept updated, organized and available on-site for full transparency and your ongoing reference
  • Timely, accurate and transparent budgets and monthly bills to simplify your own project oversight
  • Periodic updates to the construction schedule
  • To-do lists that will help you prioritize the many decisions you’ll be asked to make
  • Facilitated communications with your construction team, architects and design professionals
  • Weekly (or periodic) on-site meetings with our project manager, superintendent and your architects. We follow up with detailed meeting notes and clear, concise deliverables to keep the entire team on track

It’s done. You’re in. But Youngblood Builders is still with you through the transition period and beyond, as we:

  • Create a personalized, detailed owner’s manual and reference guide to your new home
  • Offer an ongoing scheduled-maintenance program
  • Provide on-call service if you need immediate assistance or just have a question
  • Manage any related small projects down the road