Of the many decisions we made during our building project, hiring Jim Youngblood as builder was unquestionably the best decision we made. He is smart and experienced, highly respected by his subcontractors, and an absolute pleasure to work with. We particularly appreciated that Jim was attentive to detail, responsive, creative, and straightforward. He truly listened to what we were looking for, and he focused us on the best ways to achieve it. Youngblood Builders succeeded in not only building an exceptionally well-crafted house but also a great client relationship. They are top-notch. — W. and S. Grinspoon, Clients

Working with Youngblood Builders is an enjoyable balance of precision, collaboration and the common goal of delivering on our client’s vision and expectations. Jim does an excellent job of helping to not only set expectations, but to also execute them in a very hands on and pragmatic manner. The quality of his building and construction knowledge is exceptional.

Jim brings a team approach that serves the client at every turn…and also respects design, creativity and craft. It has been a joy to work and create with Jim and his team: they have proven to be eager and up to the task of figuring out durable and cost-effective solutions to new and unique design details. Jim’s attention to schedule, budget and every detail of the project lead to a smooth and on-time product and process. — John Day, LDa Architecture & Interiors, Cambridge, MA

I was happily surprised by the comprehensiveness and clarity of the cost spreadsheets and schedules, as well as the detail in the billing and backup receipts. Youngblood Builders made our goals as clients their goals. He and his team had the knowledge to diagnose issues and provide the highest quality work.

When we were the ones holding up the project, Jim had the right balance as a leader: calm, assertive and good-humored. I could see he was the same with his subcontractors, and it generated an atmosphere of efficiency and respect. I appreciated Youngblood’s detailed notes from our weekly meetings and the guidance on priority “to-do’s” so we could stay on schedule.

If I have a project that requires the absolute highest level of quality and precision, with trusted, competent oversight, and the leadership to get it done on time, I wouldn’t use anyone else but Youngblood Builders. — Sarah and James Moore, Clients

Rarely in my 30 plus year career in the construction industry have I come across a person with Jim’s combination of tenacity, integrity and technical skill…attributes which serve the clients of Youngblood Builders well. It has been my distinct pleasure to work with him and I certainly hope we will find an opportunity to work together once again in the very near future. — Frank Vanzler, Owner’s Representative, KVAssociates, Inc., Boston, MA

As architects, our role is to give artistic form to a vision, born from a client’s aspirations. The most critical aspect in the entire process is not the art of what we draft on paper, but the craft of what is executed in the field. In all phases of building a home, it is critical that there is strong leadership from the general contractor; asking the most from the architects, demanding the best from their skillful subcontractors, and constantly striving to meet a client’s schedule, budget, and expectations. With Jim and his team at the helm, we have never been better as architects, and we are always looking forward to our next working opportunity. — Howard Raley, Flavin Architects, Boston, MA

Jim Youngblood possesses a rare combination of a high level of construction knowledge and expertise, a nuanced understanding of team and project dynamics, a dedication to keeping clients informed, in control, and happy, and an ability to keep a project moving forward. He has the intelligence and instincts to make a project successful coupled with the drive and character to make it happen consistently. — Jennifer Weiss, Jennifer Weiss Architecture, San Francisco, CA